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Chapter 3.


‘I’m… I’m sorry. I’m Emma,’ I said. Of course I stuttered again. It was weird.. Mostly I didn’t do it. Well, only when I was nervous. It’s just my character, stuttering.

‘Emma, that’s a nice name. I’m Josh,’ he said. I smiled when he said my name. It sounds wonderful.

‘Nice to meet you, Josh.’ He smiled.

‘Do I see you again?’ He asked. It felt familiar to talk to him. Even he was famous. He looked so normal, so… so me.

‘I don’t know, do you think it’s safe than? Without those screaming girls?’ He laughed about that. He knew that I recognized him. It wasn’t difficult. He was like a super actor. And super famous.

‘Haha, yeah, about that, I’m sorry. I thought it would be a chill day, apparently not. So, you know me?’  He asked. Somewhere it sounded like he wanted that I wouldn’t recognized him.

‘Yes, I’m sorry, but I thought you were just a nice guy and then all those screaming girls came out of nowhere, so I knew you were Josh Hutcherson.’

‘Don’t say sorry, it’s not your fault,’ he smiled shyly. It looked so cute when he did that.

‘I just… I just need to go, I have to practice.’

‘Wait, do I see you again? You just seem like a nice girl.’ My cheeks were turning red when he said that. No one ever said that. Well, except my mom.

‘Maybe you can come to the beach tonight? I’m always there at night, seeing the stars and the sunset,’ I said. I couldn’t help it, but my cheeks were turning red again.

‘I would love that.’

After he said that I said goodbye. It was almost 3 pm, and I hadn’t food for dinner.


When it was around 7 pm, I went to the beach. I had my guitar with me, so I could practice a little bit.

I didn’t know what time Josh would come, maybe around 10 pm? Maybe earlier? If he wanted to see the sunset, he had to hurry. Around 8 pm the sun would go down.

The sea was soft and calm, normal for the time. In the afternoon it was wild. It looked amazing then.

I had my notebook with me, with my written songs. Most of them were about the sea. Because I loved the beach and the sea. I sang a lot about them.

So, that’s what I was going to do.

I picked my guitar and played. I got lost in the notes and sang over the sea.

‘You are really good,’ I heard a voice behind me and stopped with playing.

‘No, don’t stop, it sounds amazing,’ I knew who it was. It was Josh.

‘I’m… I’m sorry,’ I said shyly. ‘I’m not that good.’

‘Yes, you are! Really. You are better than me. I didn’t know you were that good,’ He said and looked at my guitar. It was my first guitar. My dad bought it for me, and when he died I hadn’t played for years. I was started again.

‘Where did you learn that?’ He asked. He sat down next to me.

‘My dad taught me that,’ I whispered. I could feel the tears. My dad was my everything. Music was our life. And now that’s… That’s gone. Our connection is gone. I couldn’t help it, but I cried. I missed him so much. He was gone for 5 years now, and every day it was getting worse.

‘What’s wrong?’ Josh asked. I know I could trust him. My inside told me that. I had to trust him. I hád to trust someone. Because I couldn’t do this on my own.

‘He passed away 5 years ago,’ I whispered. ‘He was my everything.’

I don’t know where this came from.  

Josh pulled his arms around me and whispered soft words. It felt like he was protecting me from the outside. Only what matters was this moment. It felt so familiar and right.

‘Everything will be alright,’ he whispered in my hair.

When Josh turned me around, I sat with my back against his chest. ‘Look, the sun is going down.’

It was beautiful. One of my favorite things about Los Angeles was that I could see the sunset at the beach. I always loved it. My dad and I always watched it. The sun reminds me of him, shining and soft.

‘You brought your guitar,’ I said when the sun was down. He looked at me and smiled.

‘Yeah, I thought, uuuhm, maybe we could play something together,’ He said shyly.

I liked his shy side. It reminded me of myself.

‘I would love to do that,’ I said and picked my guitar.

‘Which songs can you play?’ I asked. He had an old guitar which I loved. Old guitars had a story. It had feelings.

‘Just a few melodies, I don’t play for so long,’ He said.

‘But, Emma, maybe you would teach me a little bit?’ I looked him in the eye.

‘I… I… I don’t know if I can do that.’

‘Emma, try it, your dad would be so proud.’

I hit a few notes and asked Josh if he could do that. He tried. And tried. But that was everything.

‘I’ll help you,’ I said when I sat down after him, I pulled my hands around his, and helped him with the notes.

‘You have a talent, Emma, do you know that?’ Josh said.

That gave me tears. My dad always said that. I lost his hands and tears were streaming again. I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t control myself.

‘You remind me of my dad, Josh,’ I whispered.

- Nienke

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